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Cookie Usage Policy


The website and online store ( use so-called "cookies" to provide you with the most relevant information and ensure the best possible experience. They help you get a personalized experience while on our site and using our services. At the same time, they assist us in providing content that is relevant to you.


What are "cookies"


A "cookie" is a short text information sent to your device/browser by a website you visit. It helps the site remember information about your visit and your settings. This can facilitate your next visit and make the site more useful for you.


"Cookies" are used for various purposes, such as remembering your preferences and settings for the appearance, font, and language of the site, offering you ads relevant to your interests, keeping statistics on visits to a particular page, allowing the site to recognize you and "remember" that you are logged in, and more.


Our site collects information about how users interact with it and its pages. This may include the pages people visit most often, whether they receive error messages from any of them, how they navigate the site, etc. Based on the analysis of this information, actions are taken to improve the services and the functioning of the sites for a pleasant and trouble-free user experience.


Some of the "cookies" we use are deleted at the end of the browser session, i.e., after you close your browser (so-called "session" cookies). Other "cookies" remain on your terminal and allow our site or our partner companies ("third-party" cookies) to recognize your browser during your next visit (persistent cookies). If "cookies" are set, they collect and process specific user information, such as browser data and location, as well as IP address values according to individual requirements. Persistent "cookies" are automatically deleted after a certain period, which may vary depending on the type of "cookie."


By using our website, you agree that may store cookies on your computer or mobile device.


What cookies do we use on our website:


• Mandatory cookies

The basic functionalities of our site, for the most part, depend on the cookies we set. If you disable these cookies, you will not be able to log into your profile on our site, and you will not be able to make purchases or take advantage of other basic functionalities of the website and online store

• Functional cookies

These cookies are used for functions such as:

  • Remembering your selected settings in your profile, such as the language of use of the site, specified favorite products, specified delivery details from you in your last order, etc.

  • Recommending products from us that match your preferences.

  • Collecting and analyzing the way the site is used so that we can provide a better user experience, aiming for easier and more convenient use of our site.

• Third-party analytical cookies

These cookies help track visits to our site, helping us analyze the convenience of using For this purpose, we use Google Analytics. These cookies do not provide us with any information about your personal data. The information in them is anonymized. The purpose of these cookies is to effectively monitor the performance of our services and improve them. The maximum period for keeping analytical data in Google Analytics is 50 months.


Here you can familiarize yourself in detail with the policies of Google Analytics regarding "cookies":

• Third-party cookies for precise targeting and advertising purposes

These cookies contain information about how you have used our site and can be used to personalize advertising campaigns on external websites and services. This way, you see information relevant to you. They do not store personal data, and the information is anonymized. The external advertising platforms we use include Instagram (Meta) ads, Google ads, etc.


Deleting "cookies"


You can control the settings of the cookies you receive from our site in the browser you use.


Most common browsers by default allow the placement of "cookies" on the end device. If you prefer, you can change the settings of your browser in such a way that existing "cookies" are deleted or the placement of "cookies" is automatically blocked (including "third-party" cookies). Keep in mind that if you choose to delete or block "cookies," this may affect the accessibility or functionality of the website and online store.


More information about "cookies," including options for their management, can be found on the following website:, whose content is available only in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, and French.


You can use the "opt-out" option for Google Analytics "cookies," located at the following address: By following the steps to opt-out of Google Analytics "cookies," you will install an "Add-on" extension to your browser, essentially blocking the functionalities of Google Analytics "cookies."


"Cookies" and personal data


The personal data collected by "cookies" can only be used for specific functions on the site related to the user. Personal data is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, and it is not used in any way other than for providing the full functionality of the website and using our services.


The technical information we collect based on cookies does not constitute personal data within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data) since it is not sufficiently individualizing. Its use is necessary for the functioning of the website, collecting necessary information, including required by law, ensuring the security of users of the website, and improving the services we provide. All future changes to our "Cookie Policy" will be published on this page.

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