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The journey of FST began in 2020 when one active person, dedicated to sports and always on the move, realized the absence of a convenient on-the-go product in the market that could be both convenient for consumption during activities and beneficial, containing all the necessary macronutrients for the body.

Through his dedication, relentlessness, and passion for an active lifestyle, the idea for the first product under the FST brand was born - the protein bar.

Not long after, he turned his idea into reality and launched the first batch of protein bars on the market. He started visiting stores, offering his product, and the response from people was overwhelmingly positive. Within a few months, orders started pouring in.

Dedicated to his mission, he worked tirelessly to fulfill all orders. Soon, he realized that the product had great potential and in order to reach even more people and markets, he needed help.

That's when his family became part of the company's operations, creating a dream team together.


With diligent work and a commitment to providing valuable, high-quality, and healthy products to their customers, FST has succeeded in realizing numerous ideas, including products without added sugar, suitable even for diabetics.

We are accustomed to associating healthy eating with tasteless diets and deprivation. But with FST products, that remains in the past because there is no need to deprive our senses of the pleasure of good taste combined with quality food.

All FST products are suitable for both professional athletes with active lifestyles and for individuals who have not stepped into fitness.

The FST team is dedicated to its goal - to offer healthy solutions to people for whom health is important but are engulfed by the fast-paced daily life. They continuously work on new projects, and their work is their passion. They enjoy every day together, successfully realizing their dreams and ideas for a healthier life.

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